Upholstery Cleaning

Here at Pink’s Carpet Cleaning, we specialize in fine fabric cleaning of upholstered furniture. We clean most fabrics including, but not limited to: cotton, haitian cotton, chenille, rayon, herculon, acrylic, etc. Not all fabrics are the same and not all fabrics are cleaned the same way. Sometimes dyes need to be set in order to prevent dye bleeding into the fabric. Sometimes a fabric or fiber set needs to be used to prevent browning or discoloring. Because of the different variables encountered when cleaning furniture and fine fabrics, we cannot give an exact price over the phone, but only an ESTIMATE based on client description of said furniture.

Why You Should Clean Your Furniture

Have you ever been sitting or lying on your sofa and noticed an odor or different texture. How about itching? Well just so you know, your furniture is “lived on”. By this I mean that it is used daily because it’s a major part of your home. If you were to wear the same pair of clothes everyday and not wash them, they would become quite odorous and probably cause you to itch. Then why would you not clean your furniture, which you do use almost every day.

Fabrics that are used daily tend to collect dead skin, skin oils, sweat, hair oils, soils and dyes from clothes, soils from pets, bed bugs, dust mites, etc. If you don’t properly maintain your furnishings, after time the build up of soils and particulates can tend to discolor fabrics and cause them to wear and show permanent damage. Just like anything else you own, your fabrics must be maintained in order to keep up a new looking appearance.

Why Choose Pink’s to Clean Your Upholstery

  1. We hold and maintain a 5 star certification in fabric cleaning. What does this mean? Education, training, and experience.
  2. 10 years experience cleaning everything from inexpensive fabrics to very fine fabrics.
  3. We use ONLY environmentally safe, NON-toxic, all natural cleaning solutions.
  4. Top of the line upholstery cleaning equipment and tools.
  5. Fast dry times.