Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning & Sealing

Here at Pink’s, we strive to provide the best quality tile and grout cleaning service available in Las Vegas. With our state of the art tile and grout cleaning equipment, we are able to surpass what others only claim. The video below is taken from an actual tile and grout cleaning job in Las Vegas. You can see the difference between the dirty tile and grout and the clean tile and grout.

How It Works:

We test your tile and grout to find out which of our environmentally safe cleaning agents to use. Since not all dirty tile and grout are the same, we must test to determine which of our solutions will work best. We carry an acid solution as well as an alkaline solution to make sure we’ve got all the bases covered.
Once the tile and grout have been tested and the proper solution determined, we apply our cleaning solution and allow some proper dwell time for the solution to start breaking up all the greases and oils on the tile and in the grout lines.
After applying our solution and giving proper dwell time, we scrub your grout lines with a grout brush. This grout brush breaks up all the gunk that has accumulated in your grout lines and along with the cleaning solution, this is the IICRC standard for tile and grout cleaning.
Once the scrubbing is done, we follow up with a hot, high pressure rinse. Basically it’s pressure washing your tile and grout with very hot water. What this does is blast hot water into your grout lines, pressure washing all the gunk and the cleaning solution off of the tile and grout, while extracting the dirty water out to a wastewater holding tank in our truck.
After cleaning your tile and grout, we apply sealant to your grout lines. What this does is add a protective and invisible barrier in between your clean grout lines and the dirt that will get on your floor. This prevents your grout lines from staining as well as becoming brittle from use.